Robb Besosa

Robb Besosa
Hoosier Barn & Table
Handcrafted home furnishings & decor
October hours:
10–5 Mon–Sat; 10-2 Sun
Year round by appointment

460 Salt Creek Road, Nashville

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At Hoosier Barn and Table, Robb Besosa and his sons view themselves as both artists and community enthusiasts.

“It’s our desire to preserve local landmarks otherwise destroyed,” says Robb. “Each work of art and piece of heirloom furniture we make reflects the beauty of the landscape and tells stories of the local people, their hard work, and the legacy they left behind.”

Hoosier Barn and Table’s wood work is handcrafted from reclaimed barn wood and salvaged materials.  They disassemble, process and preserve wood from barns in Brown County, and turn that barn wood into furniture.

“We not only reclaim the lumber,” Robb explains, “but we also gather local history of each barn, memorializing it.”

A document explaining the provenance of the wood goes with each piece of furniture made.

Robb and his sons also reclaim wood left over from local timbering projects, and turn it into home goods and décor, kids’ toys, custom lighting, furniture and other works of art.

Robb grew up in an environment where his artistic propensities were encouraged and supported.

“I attempt to do the same thing with my four children,” he says.  “After my sons are done with their schooling they join me in the woodshop to help create and make pieces or to design their own.”

Robb find inspiration in several places:  the wood itself – its grains, color, unique attributes and values of dimension and structure.

“I am also inspired by the historical value of a piece of barn wood and the creative attempt to utilize every piece of wood possible,” says Robb.

He is encouraged by ideas his sons bring to the shop, as well as ideas customers have for custom pieces for their homes.

“Collaborating and brainstorming with other creative people is also a lot of fun and very productive,” Robb adds.

Robb’s home studio will be open to the public during the entire month of October for the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour.  In addition to seeing their workspace, process, and demonstrations of antique tools from the late 1800s, Robb plans to have bonfires going often, and a shooting gallery to try out their handcrafted slingshots, rubber band guns and long bows.

Hoosier Barn and Table also has a store in downtown Nashville, IN where they sell their quality wood products.