MK Watkins

MK Watkins
Haven Hollow Studios
Oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings
October hours:
10–5 Tue–Sun; closed Mon
Year round by appointment

2200 Wallow Hollow Road, Nashville

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M K Watkins paints on both a large and a small scale.

She paints close-up images, such as the apples shown here, which render every detail of her subject.  But she also paints murals.

Her most recent murals include a Christmas mural which will be displayed at the Indiana State Museum each Christmas, and a mural in the meeting room of the Nashville police station.

But MK’s studio is in Brown County, Indiana, and during October, visitors will get a chance to visit the space where she works, watch her paint, and see in person a large variety of her paintings.

MK works in a range of mediums, including acrylics, oils and watercolors.  She chooses the medium based on the subject matter she wants to paint.

“It does seem like I feel more like watercolor in the summer and oils in the winter,” she admits.

She is also self-taught, which to her has meant a lot of practice – and mistakes.

“I have made every single mistake you can make,” she says. “I am still learning.  Mistakes are great teachers.”

Looking at her finished paintings, which range in subject matter from bold sunflowers to tranquil scenes to portraits, one would never be aware of all the mistakes MK gives credit to.

This is probably because she paints nearly every single day, about five hours a day.

But despite that rigor, MK was drawn to painting by the sense of play.

“I love to play in colorful globs of goo that turn into wonderful paintings,” she says.

Perhaps that’s why she continually finds new inspiration for her work.

“I might see something interesting, or something that makes me think of something else,” she explains. “I start to scribble and it grows from there.”

Every painting is a new beginning for MK.

“Something different happens every time I pick up a brush,” she marvels.

She also continues to give herself new challenges.  Her current project is a large painting made with only three colors.

“I want to get the most powerful contrast possible with a simple palette,” she explains.  “So far, so good.”

What does she love about painting?  That in today’s world of mass production an artist can make a one-of-a-kind picture every time.

“Even if I try to duplicate a painting, it will never be the same,” she says. “That is what is so special.”