Mindy Weddle

Mindy Weddle
Carmel Ridge Clayworks
Functional pottery for home and garden
October hours:
Daily 10–5; closed Wed
Year round by appointment

5765 Carmel Ridge Road, Nashville

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Ceramic artist Mindy Weddle is amazed by the metamorphosis of simple elements into something useful and beautiful.

She primarily makes functional porcelain and stoneware pottery in her home studio, Carmel Ridge Clayworks. But each piece is one-of-a-kind, since it is hand-thrown and individually decorated and glazed.

“There is a unique interaction between a person and the pots that they choose to use or surround themselves with,” she says.

Mindy attended Bowling Green State University for ceramics and photography, and she continues to experiment and push her work in new directions.

“Every day in the studio is a learning experience,” she says.  “There are always new and better ways to achieve the result I’m looking for.”

Over the years, her work has evolved. Early on, most of her work was fired in a wood kiln.

“Firing with wood demonstrated the interaction between the basic elements of clay and fire,” she says.

She still enjoys wood firing, but lately she has been focused more on surface decoration.

“The decorations reflect more of my personal narrative and interests,” she explains.

This work is fired in an electric kiln with a variety of glazes and underglazes.

Using a technique called mishima, Mindy incises lines into the surface of a still wet pot. The lines are then filled with various underglazes to further accentuate the design. Each piece is then fully glazed with a clear glaze and fired in an electric kiln.

Mindy moved to Brown County with her family several years ago, and she is thrilled with how much the area has to offer an artist.

“I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else,” she says.

Her life here is now focused around family, home, studio, nature, and her place within it.  Mindy draws inspiration for her work from life itself.

“Every walk in the woods, every conversation, each gathering of friends and family can be the thing that starts it all,” she says.