Dorothyann Strange

Dorothyann Strange
Right On Strange Photography
(guest artist with Rosey Bolte)
Framed and unframed fine art photography, cards, and pillows


Dorothyann Strange was introduced to photography at a young age.

“I started by watching my mother with her Argoflex Twin-lens camera,” she says. “She gave me my first camera, a Kodak 104 Instamatic, when I was 12.”

At first, photography was a way for her to record events, people and places.  But then she wanted to make her photos more interesting.

“I added props,” she explains, “and posed people – and my pet dog.  I started using different angles and lighting.  The artist came out in me.”

Today she shoots landscapes and portraits, architecture and street scenes, as well as shooting sports, documentary and travel photography. But Dorothyann works to capture subjects differently than other photographers.

“I am at capturing a mood,” she says, “whether calm or stormy, joyful or solemn.  Whatever strikes me as I am thinking about my subject, what inspired me to shoot.”

“I find inspiration everywhere,” she says.  “I also manipulate and create images in Photoshop.”

For Dorothyann, photography starts in the camera but ends on the computer.

“The computer is the modern photographer’s dark room, “she explains.  “When I find something odd, different or beautiful, my desire is to shoot it and then work with it until it expresses what I felt when I found it.”

Dorothyann’s unique way of looking at the world and her dedication to finding a way to express it through her photographs have garnered her awards and opportunities.

She has traveled around the world taking photographs, including Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Dominican Republic and other special places.  In Bangkok, Thailand, she photographically documented the devastation of a fire in the Klong Toey slum in and the rebuilding efforts. Her photographs were part of a successful online fundraising effort for Mercy Centre of Bangkok.

She designed a music CD cover and 12-page insert for Irish musician Brenda Castles’ album Indeedin You Needn’t Bother.

And four years ago, she moved with her husband from Ohio to Bloomington, Indiana.  She will be a part of the Back Roads of Brown County Studio tour for the first time this year, offering framed and unframed photos of various sizes, along with greeting cards and pillows with her images on them.

“I’m grateful to my friend Rosey for including me in her beautiful studio.”