B Skinner

B Skinner
Warm Glass Wonder
(guest artist with Chris & Bob Gustin)
Fused glass / warm glass


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B Skinner is one of the warmest people you will ever meet – ideal to own a company called Warm Glass Wonder.

“I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people on the planet,” says B. “I absolutely love my life.”

B creates fused glass panels that hang from copper.  They are largely botanically inspired pieces and revel in bright colors and light.

“Undoubtedly, I have been strongly impacted by my lush surroundings,” B says. “We live in a beautiful place with great natural beauty.”

B started out in glaze formation for commercial ceramics, and then moved to painting.

“It was color, color, color!” she says.

When she moved to glass, she loved knowing what the different minerals do at different temperatures in the kiln, getting to play with color, as well as using light as an inherent property of the glass.

“I use a great deal of clear glass in my designs to welcome the outside in, instead of walling it out,” she explains.  “I love the playfulness the integration brings to my designs.”

Another aspect that makes her work unique is the creation of multiple, connected panels to delineate her designs and to allow a moment for the eye to pause while viewing the complete piece.

“This visual rest can become a striking element in the overall design,” she says. “By lowering the temperature at which I fuse, I also can control the texture and dimension of the work to add a greater degree of clarity and complexity to the design.”

When asked what inspires such unique and beautiful glasswork, B says, “The happiness of it. It sounds so simple, almost too simple, but my work makes people smile, and I am absolutely goofy in love with making people smile. How’s that for a formal artist’s statement?”

B Skinner’s work is a juried part of Indiana Artisan, and B exhibits at many art fairs throughout the year.