Susan Showalter

Susan Showalter
Handmade in Brown County Studio & Gallery
Fine art photography, cards, original designer jewelry, beads, handmade art papers, paintings, ornaments, toys, classes, workshops and more
October hours: daily 10–5
Year round by appointment

2900 Shepherd Road, Nashville

Susan Showalter has used cameras and photography to express herself since her childhood in the 1950s, when she used a Brownie camera. She’s been selling photographs more than 50 years, but she was actually a professional writer first. She won a writing contest while a senior at Columbus High School.

“It landed me a job writing a daily column for the town’s
newspaper,” she says.

Eventually her own photographs accompanied her articles and she has been selling her photographs ever since.

“I like communicating through my pictures,” Susan explains, “mostly about the beauty in our world. I have been concentrating on shooting landscapes for the past 25 years.”

Susan has won many awards for her work, and her photograph, Lilies on Bishop Lake, currently hangs in The Brown County History Center’s Permanent Collection of Contemporary Artists. She is a lifelong professional artist who has worked in various mediums.

Susan is also an apparel designer and jewelry designer. She makes handmade art papers, too, from recycled materials “mostly for fun!” She feels her training as a designer combines with her narrative impulse to influence the composition of her photographs.

Many of Susan’s photos are taken on her private 109-acre forest preserve in southern Brown County, the location of her passive solar owner built-home for 46 years and her studio, Handmade in Brown County Studio & Gallery, formerly a blacksmith’s forge.

“Mostly my inspiration comes from nature, with a capital N!”
exclaims Susan. “The inspiration is endless here. I live in paradise and I thank my lucky stars everyday!”

Susan attended workshops and also has analyzed photography by
famous historic and contemporary photographers from all over the world. She has traveled to take pictures throughout Brown County and in Indiana, California, Florida, Mexico, China and Egypt. Currently she prefers taking photos in the forest. Her pictures are produced in her studio.

Besides her photographs, Susan creates greeting cards, post cards, calendars, bookmarks, beaded and hand carved clay jewelry, handmade paper, and garments. She loves welcoming visitors to her studio and gallery daily during the month of October for the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour and by appointment at other times of the year.