Lory Winford

Lory Winford
HeresHome Studio
(guest artist with Dixie Ferrer)

Fine art pastelist


Lory Winford began drawing with pastels as a young child.

“I’d buy a box and spend a lot of time drawing pictures,” she says. “I liked the texture and feel of the pastels on paper, and I really liked the closeness of using your hands.”

She still loves it, and today primarily creates landscape paintings with pastels on sand paper.

“I also love color,” she says.  “I’m always working on ways to have color speak out in my pictures.”

Lory studied art in college and became exposed to different artists and types of paintings.  But she really loves the Impressionist painters and their way with light and texture.

“I have always been drawn to the way light affects a painting,” she explains.  “I try to make my paintings beautiful, or a beautiful rendition of the scene I’m working on.”

Nature is an important part of Lory’s work.

“I get most of my inspiration from the photos I take in nature, and in nature itself,” she says.  “I also enjoy plein-air painting.”

One thing that has surprised Lory about painting is that no day is ever the same.

“Each and every day is completely different from the others,” she explains.  “This lends itself to excitement and a sense of newness each time I take up a pastel or walk into the studio.”

Lory tries to schedule her day and week so that she has studio time first thing in the morning, her favorite time to work.

“That might be reading a magazine on pastel techniques or researching different pastel artists,” she says, “but it usually ends in either painting or sketching out ideas for paintings.”

Living in Brown County provides her plenty of access to nature and ideas for paintings.

“Brown County has always felt like my real home,” she says.  “I spent summers here visiting grandparents and loved the time spent here.”

She also loves the support for the arts in Brown County and wanted to be a part of it.

“When the time came that I could choose a new home,” she says, “I chose Nashville.”