Joy Sims

Joy Sims
(guest artist with Dixie Ferrer)
Glass art: stained glass, etched, slumped, and fused



Joy Sims has been creating custom stained and etched glass for 30 years, first at her specialty door and window business, and now creating her own designs for galleries and commission work.

“I create etched and fused glass as well as stained glass,” she says.

Joy has always been fascinated by glass work.

“I love the structure and technical aspects of working with glass,” Joy says, “but I like to work outside the box.”

She pushes the limits of glass, exploring new untried techniques.

“I enjoy experimenting,” she explains. “My work is not just ‘church windows’ – it is unique, one of a kind pieces of art.”

Fused glass is newer to Joy, and she is enjoying learning the aspects of it, and incorporating it into her body of work.

“I am creating some Georgia O’Keefe style flowers in etched glass, with airbrushing and fused glass,” she says.

She has also recently created several stained glass sculptures.

Joy has always explored this way in her artwork, even when she worked in the door and window business.

“I always found opportunities to do custom commission projects for customers,” she says.

Joy has taken classes in glass work in California, Dallas and Nashville.  But she considers herself mostly self-taught.

“I am inspired and encouraged by my two sisters, who are fine artists,” Joy says.

In fact, Joy will be the guest artist this October in the studio of one of those sisters, Dixie Ferrer, during the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour.

She, like her sister Dixie, enjoys teaching her art form to others.  She will be offering a “Just Fun” stained glass workshop on October 15 & 16 during the tour.  Contact Joy directly for info or to register for the workshop.