Dixie Ferrer

Dixie Ferrer
Ferrer Studio
Oil, acrylic, and mixed media
October hours:
10-5 Wed–Sat; closed Sun–Tue

4108 Yellowwood Road, Nashville

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“All of Brown County could be my studio,” says mixed media artist Dixie Ferrer.

She has always embraced nature and the tactile elements it offers, and she is continually inspired by her emotional response to her surroundings.

Dixie has been a professional artist for more than 40 years.  Today she works mainly in mixed media collage, layering various collage materials with her own drawings, paintings, photographs and prints.

Her work has featured Koi, water gardens, flowers and plants.  Currently, Dixie is focused on landscapes.

To achieve the ethereal look of her pieces, Dixie layers graphic drawing, watercolor painting and printmaking with collage materials. Most recently, Dixie has added oil paints combined with wax to her repertoire.

“It gives a transparent appearance,” she explains.  “Plus, it enables the surface to be treated with more texture.”

Dixie makes marks in the pieces by carving through the layers of color and collage.

“What excited me about mixed media is the constant exploration and discovery,” she explains.

New techniques in the medium are constantly being developed and published.   Dixie keeps up with what is happening by reading and absorbing everything she can about art and the mediums that interest her.  Her art continually evolves with what she learns.

“I was always surrounded by artists during my childhood,” she says.  “My mother was involved in textiles, so I first gravitated toward that medium.”

She learned a variety of surface design methods and combined them with sewing.  It was a natural transition from fabrics into mixed media collage.

“I enjoy the tactile quality of the surface, whether it’s fabric, paint or paper,” she says.

Dixie also enjoys other aspects of the art world.  For years she owned a gallery in downtown Nashville with her late husband, Dick Ferrer, who was also a painter. She still enjoys teaching workshops and classes and works several days a week at New Leaf Gallery in downtown Nashville.

To get inspired, Dixie only has to surround her workspace with various colors, papers and embellishments.  She moves them around until something clicks.  But many of her best ideas come just upon waking.

“It’s a delicious way to the start the day,” she says.

Dixie’s studio will be open to the public during the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour throughout October.  Guests will have an opportunity to explore the natural surroundings that are so important to the spirit of Dixie’s art.

“I have been visiting Brown County all my life,” she explains.  “I knew in my heart that it would someday be my home, where I would be a part of this incredible art community.”