Drive down scenic back roads, wind through woods decked out in their finest fall colors, and discover art on the 20th annual Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour.

While you’re here, you can follow links to this year’s participating artists, download a printable 2-page letter-size map, and learn about our sponsors.

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24 hours ago

Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour

Evan Knox’s materials generally “speak” to her.

“How the colors and the shapes of the stones fit together generally dictate what a piece will be,” she says.

She started out with pearls.

“I wanted pearls I could wear with jeans and t-shirts, not the traditional ‘strand of pearls’ we all wore for years,” she explains.

She began incorporating oxidized silver with white pearls, adding interesting silver pendants, all knotted on silk cord. Eventually, Evan branched out to all of the rest of the semi-precious and precious gemstones.

“I added raw diamonds to my inventory a few years ago,” she says.

Evan creates a wide range of handmade earrings, necklaces, and bracelets using precious and semi-precious gemstones, pearls, and sterling silver. The jewelry she creates at evan knox designs is usually described as tiny, delicate, elegant, and simple.

“I strive to create timeless, classic pieces that people will want to wear for years,” she says. “I want every piece that my clients purchase to be that perfect go-to piece that works with everything.”

Evan will be a guest artist on this year's 20th annual Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour throughout October.

More info on Evan and her work:

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2 days ago

Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour

Come meander the back roads, you'll see beautiful scenery, art studios to visit, and places to stop and eat along the way...
I Love Brown County, #ilovebrowncounty
For more info: blog.browncountystudiotour.com/

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In Brown County, art isn’t a hobby. It’s a way of life. Get a glimpse into that way of life during the entire month of October during the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour…

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4 days ago

Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour

Anne Ryan Miller uses the ethereal qualities of glass to remind us how mysterious, beautiful and subtle nature can be.

In her studio, Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio, she has developed a unique and personal technique of metal overlays soldered over glass. This technique allows her to capture the haze of Brown County’s hills and the shadows of its woodlands.

“I have lived in Brown County for many years,” says Anne. “I was drawn to the amazingly soft, sensual beauty of the area.”

This beauty continues to inspire her landscape and wildlife motifs, which, when created using her metal overlay technique, result in shadowy, misty images with strong silhouettes and enormous depth.

In recent years, Anne has branched out into what she calls “transformed photography.”

“I take my photographs into the computer and alter them,” Anne explains. “There are many steps of transformation, plus a lot of surprises.”

Anne prints the final artwork with archival inks on canvas, acrylic, metal or metallic paper.

“In the end, the images remind me of the glass work I do,” Anne says. “I consider this approach to photography a bridge between my nature photography and my stained glass.”

Anne will be a guest artist throughout October during the 20th annual Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour.

More info about Anne and her work:

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Tour Map

Download the 2018 Back Roads of Brown County 2-page tour map.


22 studios. 32 artisans.

In addition to the T.C. Steele State Historic Site, twenty-one working artists’ studios will welcome visitors every day in October. Thirty-two juried artisans, a true representation of the arts in Brown County, will share a special glimpse into the lives of working artists and craftsmen.

The Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour is a free, self-guided event designed to showcase the arts and crafts created in the present-day “Art Colony of the Midwest.”

Watch artwork take shape before your eyes, with artists and craftsmen demonstrating daily. Talk with artists and explore the spaces that inspire them. At some studios, you might even be able to take part in the creation. Educational and designed to broaden public understanding of the arts, the tour is an art celebration for the whole family.

This is a unique opportunity to meet artists doing what they love and to purchase artwork directly from those who made it. Collectors will relish the selection of new work available especially for this event.

Studios are generally open 10am – 5pm daily in October, but some studio hours vary.  Check the artist listing here for hours for each studio.

Most studios take credit card payments, but some do not, often because of poor internet service in their studios.  So bring your checkbook or some extra cash along, just in case!


Behind the Scenes: Kathy Sparks Uses Natural Dyes to Infuse Local Wool with Color

The day threatened rain, but so far was dry, so Kathy Sparks was outside her studio, The Hand Maiden, dyeing wool yarn. She has a graduate degree from Western Washington University in dye chemistry, where she investigated the effects of mordants (fixatives) and temperatures on different fiber combinations, and she treats dyeing like a science. …


To learn more about the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour, please send a note to us. We’ll get back to you promptly.