Drive down scenic back roads, wind through woods decked out in their finest fall colors, and discover art on the 21st annual Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour.

While you’re here, you can follow links to this year’s participating artists, download a printable 2-page letter-size map, and learn about our sponsors.

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Michaela Morrison Ward

I know Nashville House has closed but does anybody have the Biscuits, apple butter and chicken they served at new restaurant? I know Lodge has similar biscuits but not quite the same. Coming this weekend and hopefully again in October? ...

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5 days ago

Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour

Amy Greely was drawn to jewelry making through metal. Specifically, the ability to shape it and get dirty doing it.

“I am continually drawn to the fluidity one can achieve with a substance that appears cold, hard and completely rigid,” Amy adds.

Amy studied at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, where she honed design and sculpture skills, and learned sculptural approaches to metal. At Indiana University, she learned traditional metalsmithing.

Today, at Amy Greely Studio, she creates earrings, bracelets, pendants, neckpieces and brooches, all hand fabricated from a variety of metals, including sterling silver, 18K gold, copper and brass.

“My work is distinguished by its sculptural approach,” says Amy. “I am continually exploring colors and textures.”

Although she draws inspiration wherever she can find it, the natural world is most often visible in Amy’s work. She photographs textures and color combinations she finds in nature, and then works to duplicate them in metal.

Amy's work will be on display throughout October during the 21st Annual Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour.

More information can be found at:

I Love Brown County
Arts Village Brown County

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19 studios. 28 artisans.

Drive down scenic back roads, wind through woods decked out in their finest fall colors, and discover art on the 21st annual Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour.

In addition to the T.C. Steele State Historic Site, eighteen working artists’ studios will welcome visitors throughout October. Twenty-eight juried artisans, a true representation of the arts in Brown County, will share a special glimpse into the lives of working artists and craftsmen.

The Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour is a free, self-guided event designed to showcase the arts and crafts created in the present-day “Art Colony of the Midwest.”

Watch artwork take shape before your eyes, with artists and craftsmen demonstrating daily. Talk with artists and explore the spaces that inspire them. At some studios, you might even be able to take part in the creation. Educational and designed to broaden public understanding of the arts, the tour is an art celebration for the whole family.

This is a unique opportunity to meet artists doing what they love and to purchase artwork directly from those who made it. Collectors will relish the selection of new work available especially for this event.

Studios are generally open 10am – 5pm daily in October, but some studio hours vary.  Check the artist listing here for hours for each studio.

Most studios take credit card payments, but some do not, often because of poor internet service in their studios.  So bring your checkbook or some extra cash along, just in case!


Behind the Scenes: Kathy Sparks Uses Natural Dyes to Infuse Local Wool with Color

The day threatened rain, but so far was dry, so Kathy Sparks was outside her studio, The Hand Maiden, dyeing wool yarn. She has a graduate degree from Western Washington University in dye chemistry, where she investigated the effects of mordants (fixatives) and temperatures on different fiber combinations, and she treats dyeing like a science. …


To learn more about the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour, please send a note to us. We’ll get back to you promptly.